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Sweden - Småland

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In the southern part of Sweden you find the scenic area Småland. The landscape of Småland is both beautiful and varied and the area is perfect for everyone who loves nature. In the middle you find hills, to the north is the plains and to the south is the dense green forests and coastal landscape. And we should not forget that Småland is also the area in Sweden, which has the most lakes, reflecting the tall trees and the flat heath.  
A real Swedish vacation takes place in a Swedish wooden house, painted in the characteristic dark red colour. There are actually so many of the red houses in Småland, that the colour has been named ‘Småland red’. The three biggest cities in the area are Kalmar, Jønkøping and Växjö. Especially Kalmar is a charming city that invites you in to sun, beach and a wealth of cultural activities. In Kalmar you get to enjoy the vibrating city and the charming past, when you walk around the cobblestoned streets among old historic buildings.     
Not far from Kalmar you find The Glass Empire (Glasriget). Sweden has a rich tradition within glass production and art and a visit to Sweden is not complete without a visit to one of the many glassworks. The special thing about Glasriget is that it offers so much more than just glass. You can get entertained by fishing, visiting the circus school or looking at the sweet farm animals. You can therefore quickly spend many hours in the marvellous Glass Empire.  
If there is something that Småland is famous for, then it is the stories about Pippi Longstocking, by the writer Astrid Lindgren. If you want to know more about the author Astrid Lindgren, you can visit her childhood home in Näs. You can also go to Vimmerby where the theme park ‘the world of Astrid Lindgreen’ lies. Here you get to step into Astrid Lindgren’s stories and meet Pippi and all the other characters from the stories. It is a sure hit amongst kids and the young at heart. 

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